Rob Moseley, 19 Handicap

'Sam impressed me greatly when he instructed a small group focusing on our short game. The lessons were very well constructed and Sam conveyed his theories clearly and in a professional and assured manor.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and my short game certainly reached a new level. I therefore signed up to a series of 1 to 1 lessons with Sam and with the added benefit of his remarkable 'assistant' - The GC2 launch monitor. I felt very confident I would progress.

The GC2 monitor adds a further dimension to the lesson and helps you understand what your club is doing at impact. Together with video 'evidence', swing faults can be diagnosed swiftly and a remedy quickly found. The data and visual information produced and available to digest after each swing from the monitor is discerning; absolutely invaluable and gives confirmation to Sam's instructions.

I have always thought Sam to be a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and innovative golf coach on par with the best I have encountered, but with the GC2 launch monitor I feel Sam has set himself apart and is someone I highly recommend.' Rob Moseley,'