About Sam

Sam is Head Teaching Professional at Hever Castle Golf Club. Having coached golf for 11 years Sam has helped all levels and ages of golfer to improve their games in order to reach their golfing goals. He is passionate about coaching all areas of the game and, with a student-centred approach to learning, Sam helps the player to understand current swing patterns and movement priorities, working with the player to be the best they can be.   

Sam has been a PGA member for 13 years and has gained Class AA status. Sam is committed to continually developing his knowledge and is currently undertaking the Bull 3D Level 1 training programme to further understand how the body moves in the golf swing. In 2017, Sam completed an Advanced Coaching Qualification run through the University Of Birmingham and is currently Level 2 Swing Catalyst Certified.

Sam uses current teaching technologies such as a GC2/HMT launch Monitor, Bull 3D system, Swing Catalyst Balance Plate and high-speed cameras for video analysis to help problem solve, highlight and explain current swing patterns and priorities to the player.

As a qualified Goldsmith Master Craftsman, Sam offers the highest quality club fitting services to correctly fit golf equipment to each player's individual needs. Using his expert knowledge he helps players maximise their performance and enjoyment of the game.

Image of Sam with golf bag.jpg