David Dunlop, 2 Handicap

"I recently had my 3rd lesson with Sam and like the other 2 not only did I leave the lesson hitting the ball better and more consistently than when I arrived but most importantly I left with a better understanding of what was happening in my swing/game and how to improve. I have found great benefit in the immediate accurate feedback of using the GC2 launch monitor, when working on a drill or feel that Sam has prescribed its nice to be able to see straight away that they are working and producing better numbers than before. Its also greatly beneficial as the weather was atrocious outside so we were able to conduct the lesson in the great new indoor facility. With GC2 we were still able to know exactly what the ball was doing without getting wet and very cold. The GC2 data is great but Sam's knowledge of what the data means and how it relates to your golf swing is the real key. The data alone wouldn't get you hitting the ball better. Sam's ability to analyse your golf swing and relate the data to it is superb. It's no coincidence that I started working with Sam 6 months ago and I'm now hitting the ball better and more consistently than I ever have."