Richard Mays, 15 Handicap

"Sam gave me some lessons about three years ago and I have reflected over that time how he transformed my understanding of shot making, be it woods off the tee, short game or bunker play. I now approach shots with a definitive game plan - which is half the battle."

Phil Crust, 11 Handicap

"I wanted to improve my golf game back in November and thought would give Sam a try as he was relatively new to Hever Castle Golf Club

We had an initial swing analysis during which time he spoke to me about my ambitions, short and long term goals.

We agreed that after 8 years I should look at new equipment - I was keen to do this anyway and Sam is known as a club fitting expert so this made prefect sense.

He impressed me greatly with his knowledge and attention to detail and fitted me quite differently to how Callaway had in the past - I was skeptical, but told him I wanted to go with what he felt best and see how we went.

The clubs I now have are fabulous i must say!!! He got it spot on!

For a couple of months we have been working on changing my swing to improve both consistency and distance, and yet again his knowledge and attention to detail are second to none.

I am now hitting the ball on average 15-20 yards further than in the past, I am delighted to say and for an example of consistency I shot level par for the first time in my life this week (Tenerife Golf Del Sur, which is a tough test for anyone who knows it) 

Not bad for someone who currently plays off 11 (though not for long now, thanks to Sam)

I would very strongly recommend Sam Pitcairn to anyone who is thinking of changing equipment or looking to improve their golf!"

Phil Crust, Hever Castle Golf Club member

Neil Hart, 15 Handicap

" I really enjoyed my recent Driver Performance session with Sam Pitcairn at Hever Castle Golf Club using his GC2/HMT  launch monitor.

I found the results most interesting and extremely useful. I came away with a couple of small amendments to my set-up at address and these are already producing a great improvement in my length and accuracy off of the tee. I played with some regular playing partners 4 days after the session with Sam and all three of them said how much better my strike and accuracy was during our game. I took the money as well so that's not bad either! Well done Sam and The Castle School! 

I will be going back again for a review in a few weeks". 

Greg Saunders, 7 Handicap

'I have come to realise, quickly, that golf is not as easy as picking up a driver, swinging it as fast as you can and smashing 350 yards down the middle of the fairway even if your hand eye co-ordination is good. I started working with Sam in order to assess my loss of distance off the tee using the latest technology. Sam took the time to explain the dynamics of my golf swing and assessed the capabilities of my body. Then by using the data gathered by video and GC2 technology he designed a bespoke swing programme providing off-course practise skills, driving range drills, shared video analysis and reference points to help me achieve a better impact position. Within 7 days of starting our programme I have already seen a massive improvement in my swing path, ball flight, distance and accuracy. Sam’s approach provides the benefits of technology, thinking outside the box and the experience of a leading teaching professional all of which help me make my swing changes are pleasurable and rewarding experience.'

David Dunlop, 2 Handicap

"I recently had my 3rd lesson with Sam and like the other 2 not only did I leave the lesson hitting the ball better and more consistently than when I arrived but most importantly I left with a better understanding of what was happening in my swing/game and how to improve. I have found great benefit in the immediate accurate feedback of using the GC2 launch monitor, when working on a drill or feel that Sam has prescribed its nice to be able to see straight away that they are working and producing better numbers than before. Its also greatly beneficial as the weather was atrocious outside so we were able to conduct the lesson in the great new indoor facility. With GC2 we were still able to know exactly what the ball was doing without getting wet and very cold. The GC2 data is great but Sam's knowledge of what the data means and how it relates to your golf swing is the real key. The data alone wouldn't get you hitting the ball better. Sam's ability to analyse your golf swing and relate the data to it is superb. It's no coincidence that I started working with Sam 6 months ago and I'm now hitting the ball better and more consistently than I ever have."

Rob Moseley, 19 Handicap

'Sam impressed me greatly when he instructed a small group focusing on our short game. The lessons were very well constructed and Sam conveyed his theories clearly and in a professional and assured manor.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and my short game certainly reached a new level. I therefore signed up to a series of 1 to 1 lessons with Sam and with the added benefit of his remarkable 'assistant' - The GC2 launch monitor. I felt very confident I would progress.

The GC2 monitor adds a further dimension to the lesson and helps you understand what your club is doing at impact. Together with video 'evidence', swing faults can be diagnosed swiftly and a remedy quickly found. The data and visual information produced and available to digest after each swing from the monitor is discerning; absolutely invaluable and gives confirmation to Sam's instructions.

I have always thought Sam to be a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and innovative golf coach on par with the best I have encountered, but with the GC2 launch monitor I feel Sam has set himself apart and is someone I highly recommend.' Rob Moseley,'