Greg Saunders, 7 Handicap

'I have come to realise, quickly, that golf is not as easy as picking up a driver, swinging it as fast as you can and smashing 350 yards down the middle of the fairway even if your hand eye co-ordination is good. I started working with Sam in order to assess my loss of distance off the tee using the latest technology. Sam took the time to explain the dynamics of my golf swing and assessed the capabilities of my body. Then by using the data gathered by video and GC2 technology he designed a bespoke swing programme providing off-course practise skills, driving range drills, shared video analysis and reference points to help me achieve a better impact position. Within 7 days of starting our programme I have already seen a massive improvement in my swing path, ball flight, distance and accuracy. Sam’s approach provides the benefits of technology, thinking outside the box and the experience of a leading teaching professional all of which help me make my swing changes are pleasurable and rewarding experience.'