About Sam

Sam is Head Teaching Professional at Hever Castle Golf Club. Coaching golf for 10 years Sam has helped all levels and ages of golfer to improve their games in order to reach their golfing goals. He is passionate about coaching all areas of the game but specialises in driver performance.  

Sam has been a PGA member for 12 years gaining Class AA status. During those years, having successfully completed his training, Sam has attended numerous seminars given by some of the worlds leading coaches. Sam has an Advanced Coaching Qualification run through the University Of Birmingham and is currently Level 2 Swing Catalyst Certified.

Sam uses current teaching technologies such as a GC2/HMT launch Monitor, Bull 3D system, Swing Catalyst Balance Plate and video analysis to help improve swing technique through evidence based coaching. By optimising club head delivery at impact Sam is able to fast track his students improvement. Improving swing technique does not mean making a swing look stylish, a swing can perform efficiently without conforming to a model. 

Sam has completed a Goldsmith Master Craftsman course to further his knowledge on how changes to a club can effect its performance during the swing and therefore the club head delivery into impact. This is vital when custom fitting golf clubs in order to get the best possible set make up helping to improve performance.